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Maiden, North Carolina, weather forecast

Glen Oaks Hall of Champions


Year Club Champions   Senior Golf Champions  
       Scott Harkey Photo
2009 Allen Hunter  Photo Larry Bouchy Photo
2008  Barry Harbinson  Photo    
2007  Joe Good  Photo    
2006  Joe Good  Photo    
2005  Scott Harkey  Photo    
2004  Brian Yount  Photo    
2003  Scott Harkey      
2002  Chad Brown  Photo    
2001  Larry Cloninger      
2000  Larry Cloninger      
1999  David Boaz      
1998  Mike Hoover      
1997  Doug Dellinger  Photo    
1996  Linc Pauley      
1995  Tony Waters  Photo    
1994  Lewis Arndt  Photo    
1993  Jim Hickman      
1992  Doug Dellinger      
1991  Lewis Arndt      
1990  Linc Pauley      
1989  Linc Pauley      
1988  Jim Hickman      
1987  Lewis Arndt  Photo    
1986  Dale Morrow  Photo    
1985  Doug Dellinger      
1984  Jim Hickman  Photo    
1983  Bill Rhyne  Photo    
1982  Joey Shirley      
1981  Gary Girmindl  Photo    
1980  Terry Morrison      
1979  Bill McRee  Photo    
1978  Bill Rhyne      
1977  Ken Cash      
1976  Allen Myers  Photo    
1975  Dale Jarrett  Photo    
1974  Barry Harbinson  Photo    
1973  Bain Henry      
1972  Barry Harbinson  Photo    
1971  Gary Jarrett      
1970  Larry Laney      
1969  Charles Abernathy  Photo    
1968  Bain Henry      
1967  Charles Abernathy  Photo    

Course Updates
4th of July at Glen Oaks
We would like to thank all of the members that came out to celebrate the 4th here at Glen Oaks. We were able to provide lunch in the dining room, have a Flag Day golf tournament and get in the pool games without interruption. The weather was hot but no storms. We enjoyed the fellowship and hope you did also. Thanks again for your participation!
7/10/2018 7:48:38 AM
Pool Opening
The pool will open May 26, 2018 at 12 noon. We have had to do some unplanned maintenance this year but we have passed inspection and everything is ready to go. The pool is open Monday-Saturday from 12 noon until 6pm. It is open from 1pm until 6pm on Sunday.
5/25/2018 11:50:51 AM
Tee Times for Dogfights
The tee times for dogfights on Saturday's and Sunday's moved to 9AM on March 31,2018. They will remain there until further notice. The start time for our Wednesday and Friday dogfights will remain at 12 noon.
4/5/2018 9:17:53 AM
Tee Times
Glen Oaks now takes tee times for every day of the week. We will still take walk ups but groups with a tee time will take priority! Call the Pro Shop a EXT# 221 to schedule your time.
3/28/2015 2:31:37 PM

Golf News and Headlines
Day Rallies for One-Stroke Victory at Canadian Open
Woods Hoping to Get Back on Track this Week
Defending Champion Langer among Eight Sharing Lead at Senior Open Championship
Dawson Pulls off Victory in Senior Open Championship
Willett Takes over First at European Masters